OUTSOURCETURK IS AN AMERICAN COMPANY which has a branch in Turkey, therefore we conduct business in the United States with the American business laws.

OUTSOURCETURK holds and provides two separate list of skilled professionals;

  1. List of skilled professionals that are already registered as employees of OUTSOURCETURK, and available to provide one-time, short or long-term services.
  2. List of skilled professionals that are unregistered with a company and that we are ready to recruit as our employees in case you’d like to work with them during your long-term projects (min. 1 year).

As OUTSOURCETURK, we use the best of our resources to confirm information about our possible candidates and test their skills to make sure we are hiring the right people. Remember, by the time your project is complete they are still and/or will be our employees.

Therefore, all the information provided by the registered and unregistered employees are confirmed by OUTSOURCETURK before they are presented to our clients abroad.


  • You contact us through the contact form on the “contact page” and inform us about the remote position you’re looking to get filled-in with its duration or the one-time job to be performed, in addition to number of individuals needed, requirements for the role and detailed description of the work to be performed.
  • OUTSOURCETURK matches those information with information from its database and provide you a list of 10 top matches for each individual you need for your project. – If your project duration is less than a year, the list may be shorter since you’ll receive information of only already-recruited employees.
  • You pick 3 possible candidates from the list of 10 professionals for your 1-person project with a possibility of zoom interview with the candidates.
  • For your one-time jobs and short-term projects; OUTSOURCETURK assigns 1 of those 3 candidates for your project. * For those projects you can make either bi-weekly or monthly payments, prior to work getting started.
  • For your long-term projects; OUTSOURCETURK assigns 2 of those 3 candidates to your training program (Training cannot exceed a month) giving you an option to decide who you want to keep working with after the training, and also enabling OUTSOURCETURK to have an extra person on-board to provide you the service in the absence of the selected candidate due to any unexpected reason. * You do not get charged extra for this service. * For long-term projects monthly payments are accepted as long as you select your new team members from our registered employees. You will have this information already presented to you within the list of possible candidates. If they are not already an employee of OUTSOURCETURK meaning recruitment is required, then you have to make a yearly payment, prior to work getting started.
  • Once the first payment is complete, your new team member will be ready at his/her work desk with his/her computer, headsets, a whooping internet speed of 1000Mbps, and an active AT&T (USA) cell phone line (optional) to perform the remote work for you.

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