Our Team & Our Methods

As OUTSOURCETURK, we know how frustrating it is to call someone for help, then not to be able to communicate efficiently with the person you expect to get the help from due to language barriers or bad phone connections.

In addition, we are willing to be the number one company to go to in the United States market when outsourcing is considered.

Therefore, we make sure every member of our team is fluent in English language and has minimum or no accent.

Furthermore, each OUTSOURCETURK employee is an expert in using Microsoft Office Suite applications, in addition to his/her other computer skills.

In order to lower connection problems, we provide our team members a whooping 1000 Mbps internet connection at their home, as well as a reliable laptop, headsets and an AT&T (USA) cell phone line with unlimited call package (optional).

Our Services

Customer Services

Our team members provide inbound/outbound customer services;

  • individually, and/or
  • as a team with a supervisor assigned.

They are selected from talented individuals who are experienced in customer service, and related CRM Software and platforms such as Salesforce.com, HubSpot and others.

Tele-marketing Services

Our tele-marketing team consists of skilled, patient professionals. They put up a great work;

  • individually, and/or
  • as a team with a supervisor assigned,
  • including cold-calling marketing.

Data Entry

Each member of OUTSOURCETURK is a fast keyboard user with an attention to detail, in addition to their skills in Microsoft Office Suite, and their written English skills; allowing us to provide the quality of service you desire.

Virtual Assistance

Our skills expand well beyond sending/receiving emails, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, booking your travels, creating content for your social media channels, conducting online researches or preparing presentations according to instructions given. We are ready to help you with various tasks.

ENG-TUR Translations & Remote Interpretations

We understand wrong translations and/or interpretations can be costly. Therefore, only our team members who have graduated from related fields and/or hold interpretation certificates, are assigned to help you with your translation and interpretation projects.

Expanding everyday!

As OUTSOURCETURK we are expanding our team and our services continuously with great people joining our team.

Please feel free to contact us regarding remote work positions that are not listed here, to confirm service availability.

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